• Anname oma  panuse  töökeskkonnaalase tegevuse paranemisele ehituses ja tootmises, suurema kasutuslubade arvu varem ehitatud ehitistel ja ehitamise kvaliteedi paranemisse ehitatavatel objektidel.

  • Owner supervision


    Owner supervision must be applied at all construction sites, where work is done according to designs. Owner supervision is needed for new buildings, conversions, extensions and renovation work.


    Heritage conservation related supervision

    Muinsuskaitseline järelevalve

    When doing building renovation and reconstruction works, it is absolutely forbidden to change the exterior of houses (including changing or replacing opening fillings, façade design, closing or paining balconies) and plot boundaries in any way. .


    Work safety and supervision

    Tööohutus- ja järelvalve

    Work safety and supervision is a service we provide to companies and persons dealing with construction or small production. Our experts improve work safety and contribute to a decline in work accidents.


    Construction related consultation and supervision

    The primary field of activity of Aaron Konsult OÜ is consultation in issues related to construction and work safety. This is done through owner supervision, heritage conversation and working environment specialist’s services. We have long-term experience in the areas listed.

    Construction related consultation and supervision have come in handy for our customers from cases where the upstairs neighbour has built a sewage system ignoring construction standards and thus causing extensive damage to the need for advice during the construction period of an apartment, a commercial property, a bore well, or a house. In the first case, it is important to establish the extent of damage and the volume of repair work, whereas in the second case, it is essential to supervise the quality of construction and compliance with the design. In addition, it may be necessary to communicate with subcontractors doing specialised work or to coordinate changes, which always occur.

    As regards heritage conversation related supervision, we help with drawing up special conditions and with the supervision of repair works of relics or buildings within areas of cultural and historic value.

    The working environment specialist’s service we offer frees the business owner from problems related to the working environment. We instruct the workers, prepare necessary documents and communicate with the Labour Inspectorate.

    We are more than glad to help you with any problems falling within our competence and our goal is to offer the best solutions.

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