Owner supervision (general construction)

Prior to the start of construction, the owner determines an owner supervisor who has the right to perform such tasks, but who is nether designing or constructing the building.

The goal of owner supervision is to ensure:

1) construction according to the design;

2) drawing up technical documents of the construction;

3) proper quality of construction works.

Owner supervision needs to be exercised from the start of construction works to obtaining the authorization for use.

Owner supervision must be applied at all construction sites, where work is done according to designs. Customers of our services are owners of detached houses, house communities, and local authorities (communal buildings, nurseries, schools, hospitals, etc.), business customers (commercial, storage and manufacturing buildings), and main construction contractors (major construction companies). Owner supervision is needed for new buildings, conversions, extensions and renovation work.

All buildings constructed on the basis of a design must have owner supervision and a valid authorization for use. The supervisor either monitors the preparation of documents needed for construction or prepares them.

Before the start of applying for an authorization for use from the local government, the supervisor’s obligation is to confirm by signature the existence of the necessary documents and their compliance with requirements. The authorization for use of a building is the local government’s declaration that the building is constructed according to the design and it can be used for the intended purpose.